What is Black Fungus ? In this article I will explain you what this disease is .

Along with the surge in Covid-19 cases in India, there have been numerous reported cases of Mucormycosis in Gujarat and Maharashtra in Surat based Kiran super multi-specialty hospital.

What Is Black Fungus
Black fungus

Seven out of 50 mucormycosis patients being treated there, lost eyesight in Maharashtra at least eight coveted survivors died due to mucormycosis.

In contrast, 200 others are being treated. These patients survived Covid.

Still, the fungal infection attacked their weakened immune system. The central government has issued an advisory on the management of Mucormycosis, a fungal infection among corona patients.

As noted in the advisory, the condition may turn fatal if uncared for; this primarily influences individuals who are taking drugs that diminishes their capacity to battle natural microbes.

It is being found in covid 19 patients with uncontrolled diabetes and prolonged ICU .

What Is Black Fungus- Mucormycosis

Mucormycosis is a black fungus infection that is being detected lately in some covid 19 patients in India who have had prolonged stays in the ICU. Due to this infection few covered survivors have lost their vision..

It is a severe but rare fungal infection which is caused by a fungus named mucus which is found on wet surfaces. These fungi by and large live in the climate especially in soil and in rotting natural matter.

For example, fertilizer heaps leave or spoiled wood, or in any event, rotting foods grown from the ground as per wellbeing specialists it is found in the dirt and air and surprisingly in the nose and bodily fluid of solid individuals.

Mucormycosis influences individuals who have medical conditions or on the other hand take medications that lower the body’s capacity to battle germs and disorder.

It most generally influences the sinuses or lungs in the wake of breathing in parasitic spores from the air it can likewise happen on the skin after a cut consumption or another sort of comparable injury.

How does mucormycosis influence the human body?

This parasitic contamination influences the sinuses, mind, and lungs of an individual, what’s more, it can be dangerous to people who have diabetes or disease patients or individuals with HIV helps at times the patients lost their vision in the two eyes.

And in uncommon cases, the specialists had to eliminate certain body parts like the eye or jaw issue that remains to be worked out.

The illness from spreading the majority of the patients discovered to be experiencing the contagious disease is diabetic patients.

What are the symptoms of mucormycosis:

According to the center’s advisory people need to watch out for pain and redness around the eyes or nose one-sided facial swelling headache blurred or doubled vision with pain fever coughing chest pain worsening of respiratory symptoms bloody vomits shortness of breath altered mental status toothache and loosening of teeth and jaw involvement how severe is mucormycosis.

Mucormycosis has an overall mortality rate of 50 percent what triggers mucormycosis in covid 19 patients according to doctors the mucormycosis diseases may potentially be set off because of the utilization of steroids which is at present seen as a daily existence saving treatment for essential covid 19 patients.

Organization of steroids apparently diminishes irritation in the lungs of the fundamentally badly covid 19 patients, ill-covid 19 patients thereby helping in stabilizing their oxygen levels.

Anyway steroids likewise lessen insusceptibility and lead to a spike in glucose levels.

In the two diabetics and non-diabetic covid 19 patients, this drop in resistance is said to trigger mucormycosis among a portion of the pined for patients mainly when they are presented to wet surface.

Niti Ayog member V K Paul said that most life-saving medications that are as of now being utilized to treat covid 19 patients smother the safe framework and this is at the point when the parasite assaults.

He said that even meds like tocilizumab and vedolizumab suppress the immune system and lead to mucormycosis in diabetic patients.

According to Dr Tatyarao Lahane head of the directorate of medical education and research of Maharashtra in such situations the fungus infects the patient quickly if it reaches the brain.

It can prove fatal in one such case where one eye of a patient had to be removed permanently to save his life.

When a covid 19 patient who has been directed these life-saving medications is put on oxygen support which has a humidifier containing water.

The odds of him or her getting the fungal infection increases.

Now the question is should people be alarmed, Niti Ayog member V K Paul confirmed that there is no big outbreak of the fungal infection.

The situation is being monitored and the treatment for mucormycosis is accessible.

Anyway, a rising number of instances of the disease have been accounted for particularly among youngsters or individuals with uncontrolled sugar levels.

Is there any approach to forestall mucormycosis as indicated by specialists: the best way to forestall the parasitic contamination is to ensure that the covered 19 patients are being regulated the correct portion and term of steroids?

Likewise a consistent check and care is expected of the patient’s sugar levels after their release.

The advisory issued by ICMR has listed specific do’s and don’ts to prevent yourself from being infected with Mucormycosis, you need to control hyperglycemia.

Monitor blood glucose level post covered discharge, and also in diabetes, use steroid judiciously ensuring correct timing dose and duration.

Use clean, sterile water for humidifiers during oxygen therapy, use antibiotics and antifungals
judiciously and last but not least, do not miss warning signs and symptoms stay safe and take care.

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