Today with this post, I will be educating you about the VU premium smart TV. Here is the full HD TV running on the Android TV 9 pie. Last week, I did an unboxing and impressions review. Let’s find out, we will do an in-depth study, and I will try to give you the most honest review.

Let’s get started before we begin, and I should be answering some questions that many of you have asked me about the whole HD VU TV.

VU premium smart TV
VU premium smart TV

The majority of my friends had asked this question, “Does this TV have a VA panel or an IPS panel,” my answer to that is, “this device has a VA panel.

Another most asked question was, “Does this TV come with Netflix and Amazon Prime apps,” I say yes. ” This TV comes pre-installed with official Netflix and Amazon Prime apps only, and for that, you will need a paid subscription to watch the content on them.” If someone was thinking, can you sideload apps? Yes, you can sideload apps on this TV.

VU premium smart TV

I am now coming on to the specifications. Please go through the detailed list. I have kept the list in bullet form for my reader’s convenience so that readability should not be an issue.

  •  1920 1080 Full HD display
  • 1 GB RAM with 8 GB internal storage
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 24 watts audio output
  • Dolby audio/DTS support
  • 3.5 audio headphone jack
  • Android 9 Pie
  • Google Play Store
  • Netflix and Amazon Prime

Accessing the ports on the VU TV is quite convenient. All the ports are towards the left except the AV composite, which could be challenging to access if the device is wall-mounted. Apart from that, it’s a breeze.

The images are sharp, and the text is crisp. However, the viewing angles are not the best. If you move towards the sides, you can notice the color change slightly, but it’s not drastic.

It’s probably something you wouldn’t see if I didn’t tell you. The coloring production of the Vu TV is genuinely impressive; however, you can adjust the color and brightness in the picture settings as per your choice.

Most of us won’t touch it’s tuned, very well for our liking the brightness levels are also reasonable the auto backlight can be set to medium or high, and that will avoid strain you will have a fantastic viewing experience.

 Let’s check out the set-top box quality; we’ll start with the HD channels. HD channels look quite decent, surprisingly. It’s handling the up-scaling very well. I can easily say if you have an HD set-top box, you will have a reasonably good viewing experience.

I also said this: if you have a set-top box connected by an HDMI cable, the video output is drastically sound.

Moving to the HD channels without saying delight to watch brilliant colors deep-black sharp and fun to watch, I can’t see anyone complaining. I highly recommend you have an HD setup box to enjoy its best viewing experience.

The device is running the latest Android TV 9 with official app support from Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Starting with Netflix, the official app runs like a breeze, smooth, and super easy to navigate. Videos play smoothly. You can access change subtitles and audio as well.

HD content looks crazy clear and vibrant. For a change, I am not missing 4k; it looks fantastic.

Coming to Amazon Prime, it comes pre-installed as well. The app takes a good 10-15 seconds to boot. Still, apart from that, the app runs smoothly played content, and the only thing I was a little unhappy with is that it played edge-to-edge video, which is a good thing.

Still, it looks awkwardly stretched, not matching the viewing ratio. It didn’t play a 1080p either, just 720p. The video, however, played smoothly with no app crashes.

You can access subtitles and change the font as well now. This is probably a software bug that could be fixed with an update just thought I’d bring this to your notice. Overall, the app works fine.

Let’s check out the YouTube app, and it works without any hiccups. 4k videos can be played, but they max out at full HD 1080, which is brilliant in no point streaming 4k videos when the display doesn’t support them. Overall the videos played perfectly smooth videos each time you use the YouTube app.

Unfortunately, there is no Google Voice Search support as there is no mic on the remote. The Vu TV remote has an infrared remote, which is quite responsive.

I didn’t have any problems using it, thanks to the quick access buttons like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play Store.

I started enjoying it as these are the only apps I practically use, so for me, it was idealist’s more of a conventional remote that we have seen from the past two to three decades with a few tweaks.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. It’s well easy to use and productive.

Of course, with Android TV comes chrome cast. You can cast videos from the YouTube app Netflix, Amazon Prime hot star, and the list is almost endless.

You can play one from YouTube; for that, you need to open the YouTube app on your phone, and on the top left, you will see the chrome cast iron. You need to click on that.

Then you will see a smart 2k ATV4, and on the screen, you will see it’s ready to cast, then you need to click on the video. You click to play that will eventually start the video right from your phone, pause it, play it, and scrub further.

The other good thing is that you can control your video directly from the lock screen if you lock your device. You can pause it. You can play it and shut down chrome cast instantly from your phone.

Thanks to chrome cast, we can mirror our Android phones to our Android TV also. For that, you need to download and open the Google Home app on your Android phone.

You will see your Android TV smart 2k ATV4; you click on that there right down at the bottom, you need to click on cast my screen. And then your screen will be mirrored.

 The Play Store has a vast collection of official Android TV apps, games, many music streaming apps, and games are worth a shot.

Finally, come into the sound, the device has a 24 watts sound output with Dolby audio support. Many apps such as Netflix prime videos Eros now support it.

So how does this sound? Well, it doesn’t disappoint. It gets deafening, the bass is decent, and it’s not the most vital point. You can hear the thump but get quite muffled with the highs.

The mids and highs are sharp overall it’s perfect for your TV video experience. This sounds quite decent. If you want to connect an external soundbar or home theater system, you have the optical and HDMI app for digital output, which is a big plus.

Bluetooth is also on board, so you can connect your favorite Bluetooth headphones and enjoy. Like wired headphones, don’t worry; even a 3.5 headphone jack is available, easy plug and play want.

 Coming into the performance, it’s far better than expected, Smooth, and barely any lag. I didn’t experience any app crash or reboot in the past ten days of use; I only disappoint this internal storage.

The device comes with 8 GB, but its use is just 4.6 GB. It should be enough for 5-7 apps, but you would be struggling for space if one game like Asphalt 8.

So finally I can say it’s a suitable device for the price. Deep blacks bright, vivid colors Android TV 9 google apps Netflix Amazon Prime chrome cast great sound and Bluetooth. The only thing that lacks is the Google Voice Search which is very subjective.

Some are needed, and some don’t care to trust me. It’s one of those features you wanted, but if you haven’t probably used it for 21999, this is a safe bet.

It also includes a wall mount unit with some other companies charge extra, and you know whom I’m talking about. Like I said before, you can close your eyes and get this one. It’s a pure vanilla Android TV experience with no frills, just Android.




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