In this article, we will examine the TOP 5 Smart TV Under 30000.

So if you’re looking for a TV price under 30k and need a four intelligent Android K TV, then this article is for you. In this article, we will be talking about the best 4K smart TV under 30000.

These days, we have so many brands offering multiple TV some ten years ago we didn’t have enough options.

I have reviewed the best smart TV earlier as well this year. It will surely help.

Best Smart TV in 2021

We have many different options from various brands, so you are likely confused about buying one.
And to clear all your doubts in confusion in this article, I am writing you and telling you about the top 5 smart TV under 30000.

Also, we kept some criteria for this article to start with the size of the TV is minimum of 43 inches it should be a 4k TV smart Android TV 9 and above the minimum of 20-watt speakers and 2GB RAM, and 8GB storage.

TOP 5 Smart TV Under 30000

Mi 4X 108 cm LED Smart Android TV

In fifth place, we have MI TV 4x. It’s a great option, especially with the back wall interface, and it also has excellent regular updates.

TOP 5 Smart TV Under 30000



It has a 43 inch 4K HDR screen, and the panel is also good MI TV 4K videos given in the eye care its price around 28999, but you can get it at a decent offer when you buy from the link I posted below.





iFFALCON 108 cm LED Smart Android TV

Tcl and iffalcon both come with a  43-inch tv, and they are priced below 30000. To make things it comes with good audio.

TOP 5 Smart TV Under 30000



Generally, we see the 20-watt speaker in this price range, so you are getting extra benefits when you look at the audio capability of the television. Secondly, you are getting a 2GB with 16GB storage MI TV 4x has 8GB, and because it has a 24-watt speaker, it ranks at number 4 in a list.

Vu Premium 108 cm LED Smart Android

At number 3, we have VU premium TV. It looks pretty good, and the display panel is also great. If you look at the size of this TV, it is a 43 inch 4K HDR 10 screen TV.

TOP 5 Smart TV Under 30000


It has 2GB RAM and 16GB storage 24-watt speaker and its price around 30 to 31000 if you’re looking for reasonable pricing please go through the below link.

MOTOROLA ZX Pro 109 cm LED Smart Android TV

At number two we have Motorola ZX Pro which looks good at 32GB storage along with 2GB RAM it also has the latest Android 10. In this article, all the last three TVs discussed run on Android 9, but this one is running on Android 10 and it heads out of the box.


Overall it looks, but it has a 24-watt speaker and is and its price somewhere around 31 to 32 thousand, but while going through my links, you can get it at the best offers.

One of the unique things about this TV is that it comes with a remote control mean means, not the standard remote control but the game controller, so if you are into gaming then the controller come inside the box, and that’s why it’s priced slightly on the higher side.





At number 1, we have recently launched a real MI smart TV 4K.

Realme 108 cm LED Smart Android TV

You get 3 extra things on this TV.

This TV is number 1 because it has a 24-watt speaker and a 4K screen and is also supported by a Dolby vision.

If you look at the panel, the colors and display quality is excellent. I have been using this TV for some days, and I was impressed with the display quality.

And the best thing about this TV is its price is almost  3000 less than what we have discussed earlier so at a price we are giving at least 3000 less, and we’re getting 16GB storage with the best Android 10 out of the box.

And one of the perfect features is the far-field microphone it means you can talk and give commands to the TV handsfree without touching the remote.

So overall, looking at everything and especially surprise, the Realme smart TV 4K is the most value for money 4k TV under 30k budget. As it backed up with so many interesting things it ranks number one on this list.






This was all about the TOP 5 Smart TV Under 30000.

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