Hello friends! In today’s article, I will be helping you all in giving the Top 5 Best Tech Gadget in 2021  that I  useam using. Let’s begin our Top Tech article.

First, let’s talk about

Florida Bass Machine 007 earphones:

Top 5 Best Tech Gadget in 2021
Florid Bass Machine 007 in-Ear Metal Wired Earphones with Mic and in-Line Control |Super Extra Bass & HD Sound |1.2 Meters Length & Gold Plated 3…
  • That comes with 10mm drivers, 1.2m tangle-free metal wire, and a 3.5mm gold plated jack.
  • These earphones support HD Audio.
  • A gold plated jack is a must to support HD Audio.
  • This earphone is called a bass machine, and it comes with extra bass.
  • If you love extra bass in your music, this is the ideal earphone within this budget- INR 699.
  • This earphone comes with an IPX4 rating, which means that it resists sweat and splashes of water, making it ideal for the gym.
  • According to Florid, it supports passive noise cancellation due to its in-ear design, and I can feel that, But this earphone does not support proper noise cancellation.
  • This earphone has a built-in mike, in-line controls, and good on-call audio quality.
  • I highly recommend them for under INR 700.

Florid Bass Machine 007 in-Ear Metal Wired Earphones with Mic and in-Line Control |Super Extra Bass & HD Sound |1.2 Meters Length & Gold Plated 3.5mm Universal Jack (Black): Electronics

Product no 2 is

The Zaap Hydra Extreme Bluetooth speaker:

Top 5 Best Tech Gadget in 2021
ZAAP Hydra Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker
  • Zaap is a US brand, and hydra extreme is An award-winning speaker.
  • This is an IP-65 rated speaker, which means it is 100% water, shock, and dustproof.
  • I purchased it one year ago for INR 3000, but currently, it costs INR 2000.
  • Its audio quality is fantastic.
  • It comes with two 50mm drivers whose total output is 12W and a passive subwoofer which means guaranteed bass.
  • This speaker has a 2000 mAH battery which works for 7 hours on 70 to 80 volume.
  • Its charging time is approx 3 hours.
  • This speaker comes with a carabineer hook and compass to give it a more rugged look and tripod mount.
  • It has a 3.5mm and micro USB charging port and an in-built microphone if you receive a call.
  • Zaap has released a 10% discount code for people interested in this speaker.

All the information is given below.

ZAAP Hydra Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker: Electronics

Next comes

The Portronics POR-16

Top 5 Best Tech Gadget in 2021
Portronics POR-015 Toad 11 Wireless Mouse with 2.4GHz Technology (Blue)
  • Wireless Mouse, which I have been using for the past year.
  • It has a high flow design which reduces palm fatigue.
  • According to Portronics, and I agree, I never felt any pain in my hand even after using it for 12 to 13 hours.
  • It works on 2.2 GHz technology and a single AA battery.
  • Just plug in the nano USB to the laptop, and you are good to go.
  • What is the top tech in this simple-looking mouse?
  • The point is that this INR 350 costing mouse challenges the INR800 to INR1000 mouse.
  • You get the option to adjust 800 to 1200 DPI.
  • The roller is smooth with suitable click response buttons.
  • Portronics claims it as the low power consumption mouse, which I think is 70% true because I have used only two batteries in a year with 12 hours of daily usage.

The direct seller link for this mouse is given below. Buy Portronics POR-015 Toad 11 Wireless Mouse with 2.4GHz Technology (Blue) Online at Low Prices in India | Portronics Reviews & Ratings

Next on the list is

The Logitech k-480 Bluetooth keyboard.

Top 5 Best Tech Gadget in 2021
Logitech K480 Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard (Black)
  • This is an essential gadget for me because I use it to type on my laptop, iPad, and smartphone all at once.
  • Connect your iOS, Android, PC, Laptop, Windows, or Mac device, and then rotate the dial to select your devices.
  • This keyboard will help you type on the device selected by this dial.
  • This is a permanent connection.
  • Its cradle design is unique and convenient, and I can use it to keep my smartphone or iPad and type easily on it.
  • But most of the time I use it with my laptop because then.
  • I keep my laptop far away to protect my eyes.
  • Logitech claims the 10m range, but I could use it just within 5m only.
  • But that’s more than enough. Anybody who uses a keyboard indeed sees on the screen.
  • This keyboard is not heavy, but it cannot be carried during traveling as it weighs approx 800g.
  • The keys are neither feather touch nor mechanical.
  • The key travel is amazing and very convenient for me.
  • It works on 2 AAA batteries included in the box, and I haven’t changed them till now.
  • With this comes the on/off switch.
  • If you want to type sitting on your couch, then this is the best thing you can buy.

Links are given in the description box. Buy Logitech K480 Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard (Black) Online at Low Prices in India | Logitech Reviews & Ratings

The last product on the list is Zaap’s Touchless Safety Device:

Top 5 Best Tech Gadget in 2021
  • which is the most important device today.
  • This is not an electronic device, but today when we fear touching everything, this touchless device becomes altogether more significant.
  • Key shaped this device is made of copper alloy and kills 99.9% of viruses and germs in just 2 hours.
  • The key design fits your finger easily, and you can touch the contaminated surface without hurting yourself.
  • It can be cleaned with any alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • The key can be used to open or close the door, pick carry bags or press the buttons.
  • This device saves you from direct contact with any surface, and it can also be used as a keyring.
  • Its ergonomic and compact designs make it fit in your ticket pocket easily.
  • This safety device costs INR 399 and an additional 5% discount on purchasing it from the description box’s link.

TOUCHLESS HAND DOOR OPENER & STYLUS (Covid Safety Device, Antimicrobia – ZAAP (



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