This article focuses on the topic Television Buying Guide 2022.

Hi In this article I have given all the essential points necessary before buying any television for 2022.

In short, how you can buy a perfect TV that fulfills your requirements, we’ll discuss this in articles.

TVs are not like a cellphone.

We don’t often change it, and we keep on using them for at least 5-8 years minimum.

So it’s one of the most crucial decisions which we generally don’t think about.

When buying cellphones, I don’t recommend you extend your budget as you change your smartphone every 1-2 years.

The same doesn’t apply to TV – If you can stretch your budget & then you should try getting a better TV as it’s a long-term investment.


Television Buying Guide 2022





Everyone spends around 2-5 hours watching TV in a day, so it is essential.

We’d done a TV buying guide article in 2021, but this article is very different from that one.

Don’t consider buying a regular TV in 2022. Instead, get a Smart TV even if you don’t use its intelligent features.

Because after 2-4 years you’ll feel the need for smart TV in the future as you’ll be using the internet by that time.

So buy a smart TV in 2022 instead of nonsmart TV.

Let’s Talk about Brand

Brand – Many people want to buy only Samsung & Sony TVs & it’s okay.

But nowadays we have a lot of TV brands in the market which provides value for money TVs.

So don’t lean toward any specific brand. Try to look at other options as well.

It’s essential to know the after-sales service of any particular brand & do check if it’s present in your city.

As I said you’ll be using it for many years so you might need the service & it should be available in your nearby areas.

Display Size – Which TV size should you buy? As it ranges from 24″ to 85″ or more.

But 99% of people buy between 32″ – 55″, priced under 50K.

People buying 1 lakh Rs TV can probably buy the higher range of TVs as well as their requirements are very different.

If your living hall is of medium size & you watch TV from 4-5 ft, then 32″ is good enough.

If the distance is more than 5 ft, then 40″- 43″ should be your option & if the space is 6-7 ft, you should look at 50″ – 55″ TV size.

It would help if you didn’t buy a more giant TV than your hall size or a small TV that doesn’t match your decor in the larger area.

So choosing a getting the right size is very important.

Resolution – TVs have become a lot cheaper these days as you can get a TV at 10-12K.

Television Buying Guide 2022




But don’t buy an HD (720 p) ready TV – Now we have FHD+ (1080p) resolution, 4K & 8K TVs.

Please don’t buy an HD TV in 2022, as it’ll be outdated after two years. Only consider HD TV if you’re on a tight budget.

But if you can extend your budget, you can look for an FHD TV that is much better.

According to the ideal situation today, try getting a 4K TV. If you’re buying a 40’’+ size TV, I suggest purchasing a 4K TV.

Because when you get a 40’’-50″ FHD TV, the pixel density isn’t that much, but if you have a giant TV & if pixels are less, you’ll get a grainy-looking display.

If you’re buying a 32″ TV, then 4K isn’t required & FHD is more than sufficient.

For 40’’+ size, you should look for a 4K TV.

Television Buying Guide 2022




If your budget for a 40″ – 43″ TV is very tight, then you should look at FHD TV (but try getting a 4K TV if you can)

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Smart TV OS – Please prefer Android TVs (many brands have their version of intelligent TVs) so try to get an official Android TV.

Because many cheap TVs have an unofficial build of Android TV OS that doesn’t support many apps & the user experience is also not that good.

So when you’re buying a smart TV, you definitely should buy an official Android TV.

If you find different OS of other popular brands beneficial, you can look for those, but I’ll say Android TV would be much preferable.

Don’t buy older Android version TV, i.e., Android 6, etc. In 2021 Android 9,10,11 should be your option, but ideally, you should look at Android 10.





Refresh Rate – We’ve seen high refresh rate smartphones are helpful for gaming, but this isn’t a big deal in TVs. Standard 60 Hz TV is more than enough.

Unless you’re gaming a lot or watching fast action scenes on your TV, then you can look at high refresh rate TVs

But if you look at high refresh rate TVs, the TV cost will increase significantly.

Panel – Generally, the TVs that most people buy are LED TVs. If you look at OLED, QLED TVs, they are costly.

Quality will be much better with deeper blacks, but 90% of people buy regular LED TVs.

If you take my advice, then go for QLED or OLED TVs. Else, LED panels are good enough for most people.

Ports – (Many people ignore ports) 2 ports are essential – USB & HDMI.

Ideally, a TV should have 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports as you’ll be connecting many devices to your TV, so USB & HDMI are essential.

Bluetooth – It should be present on your TV. Having a 3.5 mm jack depends on your requirement.

Specifications – Most TVs run on MediaTek processors, so make sure your TV has a quad-core processor.

But RAM should be at least 2GB on your TV as 1GB RAM isn’t that sufficient.





A smart TV has an OS skin on top of Android, so it needs resources to work, so RAM should be at least 2GB.

Storage should be 8GB minimum. 16GB would be ideal as we install many apps. OTT platform alone has more than 8-10 apps

So these apps take around 1-2 GB of storage. So 2GB RAM & 16GB storage would be an ideal combination.

Audio – If your audio is not that good, no matter how good your display is, your audio will ruin your entire experience.

I recommend you buy a soundbar of 5-6K Rs along with a TV because TVs don’t have enough space to include bigger & better speakers.

The audio quality of the TV can go only up to a certain level & most of the TVs don’t have excellent audio quality.

So investing in a soundbar will make your TV watching experience much better.

Build Quality – Many cheaper TVs have a poor build quality which reduces the longevity when you’re using it for many years, so build quality is also essential.

You have to get familiar with all the buttons present on your remote.

Many times they’re not user-friendly; it spoils your experience.


The articles give me my top picks for TVs that I think are valued for money.

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