In this article, I will be reviewing Panasonic Econavi 601 L 6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator.

If you are thinking of buying a bigger refrigerator, then this article is for you.

According to Panasonic, this refrigerator has maximum space for home-cooked meals, along with many smart features.

So let’s test their claims. Hello friends, welcome to my channel blog.

Panasonic Econavi 601 L 6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

I am writing a  review of this four-door Panasonic refrigerator. So this is Panasonic’s Econavi four-door inverter refrigerator.

Friends, this is the DZ-series’ 601 liters model with four doors (two of the refrigerator and two of the freezer section).

The unique feature is its Econavi system which is powered by artificial intelligence and inverter technology.

Econavi sensors are designed in such a way that they decrease the energy consumption of this refrigerator by 49 percent, according to your lifestyle and usage pattern.

The door sensors work first because they tell how many times you open and close the refrigerator, and according to that, they decide your usage of the refrigerator.

External temperature sensors decide the outside temperature, and on that basis, they adjust the cooling power.

The light sensors increase or decrease the light of the fridge as per the ambiance, and along with that, they adjust the cooling of the fridge, and due to this, the electricity consumption decreases.

This refrigerator comes with AG-clean technology, which is the most important thing during these difficult times.

Molds and bacterias affect the home-cooked meal fast, and the AG-clean technology removes 99.9% of bacteria and molds and releases enzymes to kill all odor and smell.

Both the fridge and freezer are equipped with this technology.

Now let’s talk about its storage capacity.

This refrigerator is appropriate for a family of four to six members because this refrigerator comes with 601 liters of storage.

Panasonic believes that it is better to keep fruits and vegetables separately. That is why Panasonic has given separate sections for fruits and vegetables.

In the upper section, you can store delicate fruits and vegetables, and the lower section can be used to store large and leafy vegetables.

Panasonic Econavi 601 L 6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator
Panasonic Econavi 601 L 6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

By doing this, you can keep vegetables neatly organized, and by adjusting the humidity care knob, you can keep your large and leafy vegetables fresh.

This fridge comes with two shelves, out of which the first one is immovable but the second one is movable.

You can keep things weighing up to 100 kgs on these shelves, and both the shelves are made of toughened glass.

There are three-door shelves on both doors, storing water bottles, beverages, spice boxes, or jars.

Now let’s talk about the prime fresh section, which in my opinion, is one of the most important compartments which can be used to store frozen food items.

The food’s nutritional value and taste get compromised by keeping frozen food in the freezer section at -15 or -18 degrees.

But by keeping the frozen food in the prime fresh compartment at -3 degrees, the nutritional value and the taste of food don’t get compromised.

The hassle of operating the defrosting system also ends.

And this is the touch control panel of the refrigerator, which can manually adjust the cooling of the freezer, fridge, and prime fresh compartment.

But wait a minute. Doesn’t this fridge have Econavi sensors that automatically control the temperature?

The manual control option is given so that if you have a party at your home, then you can easily decrease the temperature to the fullest to get more ice.

Now let’s talk about the freezer section, which comes with an automatic defrost technique and advanced surround cooling. An intelligent inverter technology that Panasonic specially designs to maintain the freshness of food for a longer time.

There are two shelves each on the freezer’s doors, and inside the freezer, you get one ice tray. The freezer can store ice and food for approximately seven to eight people.

And this is the LED lightroom of the refrigerator, which is brighter and looks natural. If you stand with this refrigerator, you will not tell whether it’s working

or not because its sound level is only 18 decibels. This refrigerator comes with one year comprehensive and 10 years warranty on the compressor. Then what are my takeaways?

This refrigerator is sleek, sophisticated, spacious, and comes with premium finishing, which is certainly a perfect thing.

The prime fresh section is another good thing. And one of the best takeaways in its AG cleaning technology removes 99.9% of bacteria and molds, which is very important in present times.

And not forget AI-enabled features, which are its Econavi sensors, which reduce our work and increase our savings.


This was all about Panasonic Econavi 601 L 6-Stage Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator.

Artificial intelligence is making our work easier and helping in our savings, and this I have seen today itself. If you want to buy this refrigerator, you can buy it from both online and offline markets.

I have given the direct seller links of Amazon in the description box; you can check that. How was this article; do tell me in the comments section? Now I’ll meet you in my next article very soon. Thank you very much!





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