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Generally, after Diwali, most parts of India have chilling cold weather. An Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater or oil-filled heater can be a perfect choice for you.

Before writing this article, I used it at my own house to advise you better and share my experience after using an oil-filled heater.

Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

I am committed to providing all information about the oil-filled heater and showing you that it is working, so you can decide whether it’s right or not.

Currently, I am using Morphy Richards OFR 11F, India’s bestseller oil-filled radiator. The best pricing link is given below for this and other heaters.

Let’s start by advising you that OFR oil heaters are used for domestic purposes.

There’s no burning of oil in OFRs that’s an important thing to know. It simple explanation that the oil used has a high boiling temp.

That’s why it doesn’t burn or boil even at high temperatures.

It’s completely safe to operate in closed rooms because it doesn’t lower oxygen levels. There’s no suffocation in the room. Also, there’s no need to refill the oil as many of you ask in every oil-filled heater design.

You’ll see these columns or fins made of metal (aluminum) below, there’s a heating element attached, and here you can see the fins.

More fins mean faster, efficient heating fins; thin design helps to expel heat better, and fins surface temperature remains low, but warmth is removed as seen in LED heat sinks.

As air moves between these fins, it heats up. It moves out; that’s how an oil-filled heater operates.

One drawback or con of OFR is that it heats slowly in about 10-15min.

It doesn’t heat up rapidly like carbon fiber or a quartz heater. It takes up to 10-15min time.

If we talk about foreign countries like the US, oil heaters are commonly used.

Now, in India also, it’s adopting fast from the things.

I think I have written enough to understand oil-filled heaters’ work.

Its online buy links are given below.

Now let’s talk about its features:

  • OFRs are now mostly fitted with PTC fans.
  • It makes the healing process fast & efficient.
  • Castor wheels are also placed in OFRs it’s vital to move oil-filled heaters because OFRs are heavy, over 10kgs.
  • Oil-filled heaters are fitted with a thermostat with auto-on and auto-cut-off features. This feature only comes in an oil-filled heater that adjusts the temperature using the thermostat.

One crucial thing to know as you change its power settings as you operate it on 500W or 1000W, you can set the power selector to 500W.

It will take double time to reach the same thermostat setting compared to the 1000W power selector setting, so this is the unique power setting feature.

Like in Morphy, you have four power settings; similarly, you have 3 or 4 power settings.

Heaters have an oscillating part, so their hot air will move in different directions; also, OFRs are anti-dust, thus providing efficient heating.

And it repels dust; it’s a great add-on feature because its cleaning can be cumbersome as its fins are harder to clean.

Talking about its life span, it works smoothly for 10-15 years; there’s almost zero malfunction.

They are also equipped with a digital display in front; there’s a blower for extra heating, select only that OFR has a blower.

We have mostly talked about its pros now; let’s see some of its cons; before that, let me show you a picture that shows all the components fitted inside of an oil-filled heater (read from labels in this diagram).

There are only a few cons of OFR:

  • its price is high compared to other space heaters.
  • It requires more time to heat up.
  • And it’s dense and heavy; it comes in 10-15kgs which is weighty.

Talking about oil-filled heater safety, its surface temperature, as told before, is low so that you can touch it, and your hand won’t burn it’s safe around infants.

OFRs are equipped with a tilt sensor. It’ll auto cut-off when tilted in 1 direction, and don’t dry your clothes on it as my Indian brothers are great makeshift.

Do not put anything in a radius of 3ft of oil-filled radiators in India; its price starts from 5000-6000.

If you run a business, take an additional 18% benefit from amazon business. Apart from this, if I talk about its power consumption, you’ll get 500W to 3000W power-rated OFRs in the Indian market.

Now I think you have ample information; I’m putting up some of India’s best oil heater brands that you can consider.

My best brands in oil-filled heaters are Morphy Richards, Havells, V-guard, Glenn, and Orient.

Below are the Top 5 Oil heaters of 2021 as per my recommendations.

Top 5 Oil heaters of 2021

GLEN 7011 Oil Heaters

Features and Benefits
  • It comes  with 09 Fins
  • It is designed for a long spell of heating.
  • It gives warm sunlight feel and spreads heat in the room evenly and silently.
  • The thermostat is there to maintain the temperature.
  • Because it has no PTC fans it is noiseless.
  • One of the safety features includes Overheating Protection, Castor wheels are there for easy movement.
  • Its power requirement is 230 V AC 50 HZ, with a maximum power consumption of 2000 W.
  • It comes with a 2-year Manufacturer Warranty.





Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater
GLEN 7011 Oil Heaters














HAVELLS OFR 13 FIN  Room Heater

Features and Benefits
  • It comes with 13 Fins.
  • It comes with a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty
  • HD320 grade oil for long-lasting and better-eating efficiency
  • 3 Heat setting 1000/1500/2500 Watt with additional 400 Watt (Heater+Fan)
  • Large surface wave fin for Faster Heating and Tilt over Switch for Extra Safety
  • Castor Wheels for easy mobility and Rear Safety cover
  • Quick heating with PTC fan and Overheat protection





Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater
HAVELLS OFR 13 FIN Room Heater















Morphy Richards OFR 09 Room Heater

Features and Benefits
  • It comes with 9 fins that will ensure Equal reach at all corners. Because of thin Fins, heat transfer speed increases, and thus temperature increases quickly. 
  • The thermostat helps to maintain the temperature.
  • Castor wheels help in the smooth movement.
  • Power selection knob
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Includes: Oil filled radiator and Warranty card





Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater
Morphy Richards OFR 09 Room Heater















Orient Electric Oil Filled Room Heater

Features and Benefits
  • Advanced S-shaped 3rd generation fins make sure there is better heat distribution in the room
  • Control the rate of heating according to your weather and mood with 3 heating positions. Power Supply: 230 V 50 Hz AC with Earthing
  • Triple overheating protection ensures the safety of you and your loved ones
  • Castor wheels help in better mobility and storage to any desired location
  • 360-degree trip over safety switch works as an additional safety device in case the OFR falls or if not placed vertically
  • Material: Steel, Color: White
  • Item Dimension: 580mm x 250mm x 640mm
  • Package Contains 1 N Orient Electric Ultra Comfort 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater (White)
  • Warranty for 2 years of purchase.





Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater
Orient Electric Oil Filled Room Heater















V-Guard RH9F10000 Oil Filled Room Heater

  • Made to assure quick heating with a PTC fan, this special product is admired for its Thermostatic heat control and efficient overheat protection capabilities.
  • Mounted with cord storage and a rear safety cover, the RH9F – 1000 is also equipped with a Tilt switch that gives top-notch safety.
Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater
V-Guard RH9F10000 Oil Filled Room Heater





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