Hello everyone, welcomes to my blog. In this article, I will tell you, How does a computer works so before we get into the computer let’s look at the history of computers.


How they came into our existence what earlier these stylistics were used for music and then later abacus was used for performing certain arithmetic tasks like addition subtraction multiplication, etc.

Then a Mechanical-engineer called Charles Babbage, who is now known as the father of computers, first invented the mechanical computer in the 19th century.

It was able to accept input and deliver output in terms of punched cards.

In 1936 Alan Turing introduced a concept of modern computing where the machine can accept instructions. It can be programmable, so basically instructing a machine to do certain tasks.

In 1970 Ed Roberts started selling the computer kits. It became an instant hit.

Later, Altair 8800 was the first real personal computer that Ed Roberts invented.

Then, with Apple and other companies, Steve Jobs joined in and jumped into this PC market, and the computer became a part of everyone’s life.

How does a computer work

Now that we have looked into our history of how this computer came with to our existence, let’s move on to the second topic: the computer components that make it work.

So every computer has input devices like keyboard mouse etc. and the output devices like monitor speakers printers etc. all these devices are connected in a place called motherboard.

The motherboard is equipment that ties everything into all the parts, receives power from the motherboard, and can communicate through the motherboard.

So it is an essential element in a computer if you are wondering where this processing takes place. It takes place in the central processing unit; the central processing unit consists of equipment called a microprocessor is known as the heart of all the computer operations because everything takes place inside this microprocessor.

So the first microprocessor was Intel 4004, and now the latest version is Intel Core Island. It affects a computer’s performance to a greater extent, so when you’re buying a computer, it is important to consider what microprocessor it consists of.

The next important part of the computer is the random access memory. This is basically the computer storage part, so if you have a fast CPU and an ample RAM amount means you have a computer with the best performance.

Your computer would be super fast.

The next device that we will see is drivers; drivers are a place where your operating system and all other software are located.

The next important device is the cooling device. It is so important that a computer generates a lot of heat while processing, so the CPU and other components are more likely to get heated up and are likely to get damaged due to the heat.

So the PC needs to be cooled down for it not to get overheated, so cooling devices are an essential part of a computer.

And finally the power supply and cables which are used to carry the data in power.

Now let’s see how this all works together.

Let’s see what will happen when you start a computer; when you turn on a light or fan, it reacts immediately, but when you start a computer, it takes time to start.

It is big because many internal operations are going on before a computer gets started.

This process is known as the mute frog boot process or booting the PC.

How does a computer works
How does a computer work

The boot is basically the short form for bootstrap. BIOS performs the boot process. The software makes ship mixtures that all the parts work together perfectly fine before the computer is turned on.

So as soon as the power is turned on, the motherboard and all the components are on.

Without initially power-on, self-test is taking place, shortly known as post.

This is a program within the BIOS used to check for any hardware failures, so there will be a single beep if the hardware is successful, and there will be multiple beeps if there is a hardware failure.

So after this procedure, it needs to confirm for a bootstrap loader.

What is the bootstrap loader? This program helps us find and launch the operating system that takes care of the rest of the functions in a computer.

So the bootstrap loader is insured, and working the control moves to the bootstrap loader.

The bootstrap loader then finds and launches the operating system, and the control goes back to the operating system.

Now let’s see what an operating system does. So an operating system is the one that helps in all the processing of information, so basically, it gets the command from the user it breaks down into smaller chunks. Then it would prioritize them and send them to the CPU.

This is called processor management.

The next task that we are going to talk about is memory management.

It coordinates the data flow between to and fro from the RAM.

The next is device management. This is the interface between the computer and the devices connected to the computer. Say if you are pressing a key, this device management helps interrupt what is happening to the computer.

The next is Storage Management, which directs where the data needs to be stored. Suppose you are adding or deleting a file or moving it; in such cases, Storage Manager will come into the picture.

The next is the application interface. It helps in data exchange between the software programs and your device.

Basically, if you are a developer you want to communicate, say you’re creating an application used to create and need some Excel sheets or something. You need to communicate to the device for creating an excel sheet or deleting or modifying it.

Whatever so, in that case, as a developer, you need to have this API to communicate with your system provided by the operating system.

The next and final one is the user interface in which the human actually communicates to a computer.

Basically, whatever you see on your screen, the start button when you’re trying to create a file, the buttons you see helps you act without typing up their commands for the computer is basically the user interface.

It is just basically an interface between the human and the computer.

So this is how an operating system works and helps us do all the tasks we want on a computer.

So this is a way this is a small summary of how computers work. So with that, I would conclude this tutorial, and if if you’re interested in learning more of such tutorials, please give these articles a thumbs up, share your feedbacks in the comments below and please subscribe to my blog for more such articles and thank you.

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