Hey guys, welcome to my blog with another website hosting article. And today in this article I will be doing a Hostgator Hosting India review.

Now, you would possibly have heard of Hostgator, and they have some impressive campaigns and marketing.

But is it the simplest option for you?

Is it fast and reliable?

And what kind of features does it offer?

Well, today, we’re gonna be diving into a review of Hostgator and talking about a number of those benefits and features to ascertain if it’d be right in your particular situation.

I will always leave links to Hostgator down in the description below, along with any deals or discounts that I might find. So be happy to see it out there if you’re interested.

Hostgator Hosting India review

Now, Hostgator has been around a little while as the company was founded in 2002. So they are no stranger to web hosting. But despite all that experience, does it equal a good product? Well, that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today.

So first, let’s get into a number of the features. Now in terms of generally standard features on web hosting platforms, you get things, Just like the Generally standard features spam assassin to stay your email protected, website backup and restore, and so on.

And as I said, these features generally come stock with web hosting services. So Hostgator doesn’t set itself apart here. But again, it’s good that these features do exist.

One nice thing here is that each plan accompanies a free Hostgator website builder, which may be a great option if you’re curious about creating your website. It’s 100 mobile responsive designs and a media library for you to tug from to make the website of your dreams.

Also, another great feature here is it does have free website migration and domain transfers. So you’ll easily move your existing website into the Hostgator service. Now Hostgator does use cPanel.

So if you’re conversant in web hosting, you’ve probably used cPanel. Before it’s an excellent feature, it has
one-click scalability, which suggests that if the traffic on your website fluctuates quite frequently, you’ll easily increase the capacity requirements with just a few clicks.

This may just help confirm that your performance remains consistent. And more importantly, you’re only paying for the resources you would like once you need them. Now let’s mention servers. Hostgator does claim to possess supercharged cloud architecture, rarity servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers.

And, their claim that your WordPress website will load to 2 and a half times faster, but two and a half times faster than what, and what are those actual speeds look like? Well, we’re gonna get into that a touch bit afterward.

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Now, if you’re a beginner in the world of web hosting, Hostgator is a great option for you. But there are a lot of features here that are definitely for more advanced users. It does come with all the standard advanced-level features. For example, they have my SQL databases with PHP, my admin access and FTP accounts, and some extras.

There’s also support for PHP five and seven, Ruby on Rails, Perl and Python, and SSH access and cron job scheduling for optimal system management.

One great thing about Hostgator is that all the plans do have a lot of resources.

So as a Hostgator customer, you will get unmetered bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, FTP accounts, email accounts, and a minimum of 100 gigs of storage.

So basically, it means you are not getting to run out of storage anytime soon, with Hostgator, which can offer you great peace of mind.

Now, as I discussed, Hostgator is both an excellent option for beginners and more advanced users. So let’s mention how easy it’s to use.

First of all, diving right into the setup, a part of things, it’s extremely easy to get your account found out and to cancel it if you select.

There are plenty of 1 click installers, there’s WordPress hosting and an internet site building tool, which can all assist you in getting found out without doing any coding. And you do not need to worry if you do not have a technical background.

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To line up your account, you only need to fill during a check inform on your dashboard.

And it’s all done. It’s entirely from your browser. And you do not even get to confirm your account via email to end the method. As I discussed, Hostgator uses cPanel, which makes connecting a website and installing WordPress super easy.

It’ll take a couple of minutes, and you almost certainly won’t need any extra help. Now the plans do accompany automatic weekly off-site backups. You can upgrade to code guard Backup and Restore for a further monthly fee if you select Hostgator plans also are compatible with a good array of applications.

This is often things like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and wiki. And if that’s not enough for you, you’ll install 75 open-source scripts with the one-click installer. There’s not a ton of apps on offer here, but all the favored ones are included.

Alright, let’s mention performance. Hostgator does have a solid uptime with a typical 99.9% guarantee. And it’s backed by a full month’s credit within the event of excessive downtime. Our tests recorded over 99.98% uptime.

But tons of users are claiming site downtimes and slow website load speeds alongside other major issues with the service. However, in our experience, this wasn’t something that we faced.

Our website loaded in as little as 30 milliseconds for some locations, and therefore, the slowest being around 800 milliseconds. But regardless of where you’re, that’s far below the 2-second rule. Now let’s mention support.

If you are doing get into any tricky situations with Hostgator, you will require the simplest support available to you. Unfortunately, this is often not a neighborhood where they particularly shine in customer services available by 20 473 65 live chat and telephone.

Plus, they are doing have plenty of video tutorials and a customer forum. Now within the sales live chat, I had an easy question. But I used to be left on hold for 10 minutes expecting an agent to select up. Once they did, they were accommodating and polite, and that they didn’t answer the question.

But 10 minutes may be a lot to speak to a sales representative. The technical support cares; within the live chat, it forces you to log in again, which is simply an additional annoying step.

Then you are going to face long load times as well. You’ll wait around 20 minutes for somebody to select up. However, when asking the agent some more technical questions, they didn’t seem to possess a knowledge domain to offer me the support I needed.

They’re going to respond with things like they’re looking into it. And that they will leave you hanging on live chat for an additional 10 minutes approximately.

Within the customer forum, there is a lot of negative information surrounding customer experience with uptime within the pre-sales thread, tons of negative information surrounding customer experience with uptime, and handling tech support.

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Now in terms of pricing, Hostgator does display its prices for three-year terms on most pages. So when you’re first looking over the plans, you would possibly think they are alright priced. But again, this is often supported by the three-year model.

Once you turn it to a month-to-month, or any term but one year, you will be paying a way higher price. However, there is a generous 45-day refund guarantee. But that’s not getting to include many pricey add ons, which get added into your cart by default.

So definitely check to form sure what you’re buying before you buy it. In terms of payment, you’ll use any major credit cards to cancel your account; you’ll need to fill out a web contact form.

But note that they’re going to attempt to get you to talk with an agent repeatedly to undertake to convince you to remain. If you’re curious about jumping into Hostgator, I might inspect one among the cheaper plans first; then, you’ll upgrade afterward if you’re curious about getting a number of those extra features. And one great point is that they allow you to migrate your decision to the costlier plan and transfer all of your website content over fairly easily.

Overall, Hostgator isn’t a nasty web hosting service. It does have tons of feature-packed plans. And that they do cater to both experts and beginners, which may be a great point to ascertain the prices are still very affordable.

But again, more so if you are looking for an extended-term commitment. They are doing have that great refund guarantee. So you’ll try it with no risk to you. And it’s an honest option for those of you looking to check the waters of an internet hosting platform.

Overall it’s user-friendly. And fortunately, there is a lot of resources available online if you are doing grind to a halt, so you are not getting to need to do with their below-average technical support fairly often.

Anyway, guys, I hope this review was helpful for you. If so, please leave a thumbs up, as I always appreciate that. If you have questions, please leave them down below, as I love going answer as many of these as possible.

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As always, I will be able to leave links to Hostgator down within the description below, alongside any deals or discounts that I’d find which may not be available on their website.

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So if you’re interested, be happy to see it out there. Otherwise, I hope you guys have an excellent remainder of the day. Stay safe out there, and that I hope to ascertain you within the next article.