In this article, I will be giving you complete information about Hisense Tornado Tv 65 Inches.

Friends, we all see whenever there is a hit product in the market, the brand associated with that product brings a similar outcome. For example, let’s take Maruti Swift, one of India’s most successful cars. After that, Maruti launches Swift Dezire, which has become the best-selling car in its segment. It happens in all other products across the market. 

And this is what Hisense is doing. After successfully launching and selling Hisense Tornado 55 inches now they have launched Hisense Tornado  TV 65 inches. 

I can assure you that Hisense TV brings excellent audio and picture quality in its price segment.

In other words, no one can match its quality in that price segment. This already I have told you in my other articles as well. 

Hisense 164 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV 65A73F (Black) (2021 Model) | With JBL 6 Speaker System

In this article, I will be giving you complete information about the 65 inches Hisense Tornado TV. 

For 55 inches, please go through this article.

I will also go through some remarkable features of this TV which will help you. You will get valuable input in this article.

If you are searching for a big TV at an affordable price and want to make your room a Home theater, this article is for you.

Unboxing Hisense Tornado 65 inches TV:

Once you unbox Tv, you will get a TV tabletop; a voice-enabled Bluetooth remote, battery, Wall Mount, and a user manual. 

Let me go through the specification of the TV:

  • 400 NITS|4000:1
  • MEMC
  • 102 W JBL SPEAKERS: 6 Speaker set up, which includes four down-firing speakers and two front-facing speakers
  • 3 HDMI| 2 USB|BT5 

Hisense Tornado Tv 65 Inches

Let’s talk about video quality.

  • You will get beautiful vibrant color pictures.
  • In this TV, you will get 8 bits of FARC panel that means 1 billion colors support.
  • You will surely enjoy watching movies on this TV as you get DOLBY vision support.
  • When you go and see Dolby Vision pictures in the picture mode, you will realize that all methods are detecting HDR videos, and it will show you all HDR modes.
  • The sharpness of all DOLBY content is brilliant.

In the DIMMING test, this TV has responded to OK types. Means not so good, not so bad. You can see a little bit of blooming as you are not getting a whole array Panel. But overall I must say that this TV is handling the issue quite decently in this price range. 

Color rendering :

  • The blacks in this TV are pretty dark. 
  • Reproduction in color is fabulous.
  • The picture engine on the TV is also superb. It gives immense picture quality. 
  • As I told you earlier, we could see a billion color pixels in this TV, which helps you understand how this TV handles different colors. 
  • MEMC technology is brilliant, which you will not see in any budget segment TV, but you will get these features in this TV.
  • If you are a sports enthusiast, you will enjoy watching sports. 
  • Music lovers and Movie lovers will also enjoy watching on this TV. 

The most significant advantage of a VA panel is its contrast ratio, vibrancy in colors, and one of the most important disadvantages is its viewing angle.

When you view this TV from an acute angle than you will notice these things:

  • You will see a difference in colors as it seems a bit washout, as this is a VA panel issue.
  • If you want to see the TV from a wide-angle or if the TV set up is such that you have to see from a wide angle, then I would suggest not buying VA panel TV.
  • But yes, if the viewing angle is not more than 45 degrees, then this TV is best for us.

As far as Standard definition viewing is concerned, the overall experience is good; we don’t have much 4k content available in the market. We generally watch standard definition or high definition content these days. 

The scaling of this TV is quite decent, and if you watch from 10-12 feet, you will not have any problem. Generally, it is not advisable to watch 65 inches TV from a distance less than 10 feet. But if you see from more little tha 10 feet, you can see some issues in sharpness, and you will not enjoy watching content in standard definition.

 You will get 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM storage. You will all popular apps like NETFLIX AMAZON PRIME etc. The current operating system is ANDROID 9, but ANDROID 11 will come soon. The software is working smoothly, and OS is working fine. 





The Audio of this TV is its main advantage. You will get a 102-watt JBL speaker setup of 6 speakers, four down-firing, and front-facing. You will experience beautiful sounds from this television. 

On this TV, you will enjoy music, but if you love hearing PODcast, Interviews, and news, you will surely enjoy this TV. The voice clarity in this TV is simply brilliant. 

If you ask my opinion about TV’s built quality and looks, it is simply incredible. You will see a narrow bezel. At the bottom, you will get a soundbar. Even a TV in a switch-off situation will look good. 

Even after attaching a 102-watt soundbar, the TV looks slim. The back panel looks clean and straightforward. Personally, the look of this TV is perfect. Do let me know in the comment box how it seems to you.

Now let’s go through the PROS and CONS of this TV. Every product in the market has some PROS and some CONS. Let’s deep dive :


  • The picture quality of this TV is simply excellent, especially in the price segment it is. 
  • 400 NITS brightness 4000:1 contrast ratio. Simply phenomenal picture quality.
  • MEMC support, especially at this price range, is rare. Be it sports movies news channel you will enjoy all. 
  • It’s an Audio, JBL soundbar, so you don’t have to buy an external speaker or soundbar. Let’s suppose you buy any TV, and after that, if you buy any soundbar worth Rs 10 thousand, that means your spend of this money can be saved if you this Hisense Tornado TV. 
  • Finally, its design. Again it’s my view that looks are a matter of perspective. Somebody will like it; somebody will not.


  • Suppose you want to see this TV from a wide angle, then this is not for you. In such cases, I suggest that you go for any TV with an IPS panel. 
  • Currently, it is coming with Android 9, which is not acceptable as most of the TV is coming with out-of-box Android 10, but this will get upgraded automatically.  

In my suggestion, TV is the best buy in its segment if you look at the quality and the pricing.

Also, if you buy this TV in the upcoming festive season, you will get a four-year comprehensive warranty.

Please go through the buying link given below.