Everyone thinks about the advantages of organic product juice. However, which is the best juicer machine to remove seeds from juice? Also, what else benefits does it have?

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In this article, I’ll tell you about the best juicers in India in 2021. I am sure after reading this article you will be knowledgeable enough to take your decision of which best juicer to buy.

Fruit juice can be extracted in 2 ways- either by traditional hand juicer with a sieve, glass, or juicer.

These are made of rot iron & they don’t provide much juice. They cost approx ₹2000. I purchased it for ₹1850.

See the output. But even after that, there will be a lot of juice left in the pulp, which is impossible to extract.

The alternative to a hand juicer is a slow juicer. I have selected four slow juicers, which are Amazon choice juicers.

Best Juicer Machine

1st is Kuvings, 2nd is Hestia, 3rd is Agaro, and 4th is Hurom slow juicer. I have outed Hurom’s cold press juicer as its price is the same despite its low wattage motor.

I have chosen these juicers as they have the same wattage and noise levels. All three have 240W copper winding 50RPM motor and 30 minutes run time.

Their declared noise level is 75dB, but when I tested, they were 85dB. I have purchased these juicers for this testing and review.

Let’s unbox them.

Red color slow juicer is of Kuvings, silver is Agaro, and Maroon is Hestia slow juicer.


Best Juicer Machine

Kuvings juicer comes with a Juicer machine, juicer strainer, cleaning kit & a cleaning brush with juice and pulp jar.

Agaro juicer comes with a juicer machine, juicer strainer, smoothie strainer, ice cream, sorbet strainer & juice & pulp jar with a cleaning brush.
Hestia has the same components as the Agaro juicer, and surprisingly, they look absolutely identical.

The plastic used is BPA free & metal is stainless steel. Installation is easy, but a user manual is recommended. The installation guide helps fix every part perfectly without any problem.





Now I’ll take out the juice of citrus lime from all three juicers. Let’s test Agaro’s claim of 35% extra juice from each fruit.
I want to test the remaining juice content in residue/pulp.

We can see the amount of juice is good, and it is pulpy. It is easy to extract juice from all three. There is a standard or forward button for general use.
There is a down button for reverse motion. Use it if you feel like there is a blockage in the juicer because of pulp. Pulp residue will be collected in a pulp jar and juice in the juice jar.

It would help if you placed both jars correctly. Let’s move to Hestia that has the same installation and specifications as Agaro. I’ll recommend the use of an installation guide.

I’ll check the juice with the same process as Agaro’s. Now we move on to Kuvings. The installations instructions are given in manual, and they are pretty straightforward.

Best Juicer Machine

Its built quality is slightly better than the rest. The process to extract juice is the same. Just add fruit, and the pulp will be collected in the pulp collector and juice in the juice collector.





Nothing else is required to be done. The leftover pulp is dehydrated. Let’s make ice cream or sorbet but let me tell me to tell you, and I am not a good cook.

I’ll show you the process so you can evaluate it. I have attached the sorbet strainer in Agaro and Hestia. Unfortunately, Kuvings doesn’t have a sorbet maker, so it is out.

I will try my best to make banana sorbet. Just add banana, and the sorbet will be ready. There can be other ways to make sorbet too. Both Agaro and Hestia’s performance is precisely the same.

Let’s test the last attachment- smoothie maker. A machine with multiple uses justifies its cost. Agaro and Hestia have smoothie makers but not Kuvings, and to get it, you need to spend approx ₹10,000 more for sorbet and smoothie strainer.

You get these along with Hestia and Agaro at the same price. I have done preparations. I’ll try to make a blueberry smoothie in both of them together. I have added the exact quantities of blueberry, curd, and milk in both Agaro and Hestia. Agaro has completed its task, but Hestia didn’t even turn it on. I tested Hestia’s slow juicer with every possible angle, but it did not work while making a smoothie.
I am not saying that it is terrible.

Manufacturing defects can come at any time in a machine. But since I faced this issue while reviewing, I had to show it. Meanwhile, Agaro did its job fantastically. Let’s talk about the pros and cons and my observation.

Hestia cold juicer is made of good quality with loads of attachments. It costs ₹16,500.
It has a one-year comprehensive and five-year warranty on the motor though it stopped while I was testing it.
Otherwise, a good juicer thought the built quality could have been improved to solve these problems.
Agaro’s virus press juicer has similar connections as Hestia-3 sifters and others.

In any case, there is a critical change in costs-Hestia costs ₹16,500 though Agaro costs ₹12,900.

It has one year far-reaching and five years guarantee on the engine.

The nature of juice, Smoothie, and sorbet is equivalent to that of Hestia.

Had its fabricated quality been similar to that of Kuvings, then, at that point, it would have been mind-boggling.
There is one drawback- you get only one strainer, i.e., a juicer. You don’t get Smoothie and sorbet strainer. It costs ₹18,000.
It has a one-year thorough, ten-year engine guarantee, and two years of service agreements after enrolling your item on the Kuvings site. This is astonishing, yet its cost is high ₹18,000 for only one sifter.
If this is not a drawback for you, then links are given in the description.

It is a fantastic juicer.

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