In this article, I am going to discuss the BEST AC IN INDIA 2021 NOKIA OR LG.

The range of AC of 2021 has been launched. I am talking about Nokia AC and LG AC. 2021 ranges. Let’s talk about it.

Today I’ll tell you about Nokia AC 2021 and LG 2021 range, and along with this, I’ll reveal which AC  the field you should buy.

Before starting, I’d like to tell you some essential things about AC so that you do not make an error while buying one.

Go through this article without skipping, and I promise you will be an expert in terms of buying an AC by the end of the article.

You will know which AC will be suitable for your home or office.

  • If your room is 125sqft then, it would be best if you bought a 1 ton AC.
  • If it’s 125sqft-200sqft, then you must go for 1.5 ton AC.
  • And for a room between 200sqft-300sqft, one must buy a 2 ton AC.

Do not get mislead by shopkeepers or websites.

  • It is a myth that an Inverter AC will reduce your electricity bill to half.
  • Using your inverter AC for 6 hours a day every day results in up to 30% less electricity consumption. And that’s it.
  • Make sure you check the noise levels along with the tons.
  • You must know the noise levels of your AC before buying one.
  • An AC with noise levels between 30dB-45dB is suitable.
  • Avoid an AC with louder noise levels.
  • It is essential to know the Indian Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER), known as star-rating in everyday words.
    This shows the power consumption of an AC.
  • These ratings change every two years.
  • The same AC with a 4-star rating in 2019 will have a 3-star rating in 2021.
  • According to its manufacturing time, a model kept in a shop but produced earlier will have a 4-star rating.
  • Check this carefully before you buy an AC. Every brand has there installation charges varying between INR 1,000- INR 2,000.
  • But apart from this, you will have to pay for copper wires, stabilizers. And other fitting charges. Add INR 5,000 to the actual cost of AC because that will be your total cost of AC.


First, let’s talk about

Nokia 4 in 1 Convertible Cooling 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split Triple Inverter Smart AC with Wi-fi Connect – White (NOKIA155SIASMI, Copper Condenser)

Nokia Triple Inverter smart AC

  • It is 1.46 tons of AC, but it is called a 1.5 ton AC.
  • R32 gas, which is an eco-friendly gas, has been used in the compressor.
  • It is a 5-star rated AC.
  • The company calls it a Triple Inverter AC, but I don’t understand its dual rotary compressor motor. Some things are tough to understand. Nevertheless, let’s move ahead.
  • It comes with Intelligent Motion Sensors, which will switch on/off the AC according to your movement. This will save electricity.
  • It comes with 4 in 1 Adjustable Tonnage, which means that a 2 tons AC can be adjusted to 1.5 tons, and 1.5 tons AC can be adjusted to 1 ton AC. This is a good feature that directly saves electricity.
  • Nokia AC has an Anti-Microbial Ionizer and an Assorted 6 in 1 Filter, all in all, it has a good filter.

Unique Feature

  • Do not be impressed by the fancy names. It is a WIFI AC, and apart from a remote, you get a mobile app available on android phones.
  • One can control all the features through this app.
  • It is not so smooth, but it has a quality of customized profiles.
    This means that two various members can make other profiles based on their settings.
  • If you switch on the AC using your profile, the cooling will be according to those settings.
  • It comes with Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin technology on the outside of the condenser.
  • A bluefin coating is done over it, and those are made of an Aluminum alloy.
  • This will prevent the fins from salt, sediment, or corrosion.
  • Nokia also recommends self-cleaning technology. But I highly recommend avoiding it. You will have to clean the filter manually, and this is normal.

It would be best if you concentrated on the fact that its ISEER rating is 4.7 and the annual power consumption is 1009 units per year. Its noise level is 38dB.

Now let’s talk about the price, warranty, and pros and cons.

  • This 5-star rated and 1.5 tons Nokia AC costs INR 40,000.
  • The 3-star rated Nokia AC costs INR 36,000.
  • INR 16,00 is the installation charge with extra copper wire charges.
  • Nokia gives a 1-year comprehensive warranty and five years.
  • Warranty on the compressor, which is reasonable and fair enough.

Now let’s talk about its cons.

  • The coils used are not 100% copper coils.
  • This is both a good and a bad thing. The bad thing is that copper coils transfer heat efficiently. It is a good thing because, in coastal areas, salt and sediments settle faster on copper. This ruptures the coils, and you have to change the time and again.
  • An alloy mixed in copper stops the salts and sediments from settling on the coil, and this why bluefin technology is used over it.

Now we will talk about the pros.

  • This AC has a Backlit remote and a hidden LED display, a premium feature.
  • The biggest pro is that Panasonic in India has manufactured this AC.

The same Panasonic models are available, which are INR 6,000 to INR 7,000 costlier. These are very successful models.

Links are given in the description box.





Now let’s talk about the second 2021 AC model-

LG 5-star inverter AC

  • It is 1.45 ton AC, but it is called a 1.5 ton AC.
  • R32 gas, which is an eco-friendly gas, has been used in the compressor.
  • This AC works on dual inverter technology.
  • A second rotary compressor has been used.
  • It has 5 in 1 convertible cooling, which means adjusting the cooling according to the number of people and weather with one button only.
  • 100% copper coils are used with black ocean protection (just the black paint on copper), preventing it from salt, sediments, and dirt.
  • The fins are made of Aluminum alloy with black ocean protection, suitable for people in coastal areas.
  • Another good thing is the use of Hi-Grooved copper that transfers the heat faster.
  • Just like Nokia, LG also promises stabilizer-free operation, but it would be best if you used a stabilizer with every AC.


  • There are many other features like Low Gas detection and Smart diagnosis through the app.
  • This feature makes this AC smart even though it does not have WIFI.
  • ISEER rating, noise levels, and energy consumption are essential things to be known.

The ISEER rating of this LG is 4.73. Its total yearly electricity consumption is 920 units, and the noise level is 31dB. This

electricity consumption is deficient.

Now let’s talk about the most critical factors- price, warranty and pros, and cons.

  • This AC costs INR 42,000 and INR 1,000 installation charges.
  • Apart from this, there will be extra wire charges and applicable charges, which I told you about earlier. If you haven’t seen that part, then please read it.
  • LG gives a one-year comprehensive warranty, a five-year warranty on PCB, and a ten-year warranty on the compressor.
  • You get satisfied with these many warranties.

Now let’s talk about its pros and cons.

  • The installation service of LG is inferior.
  • Many people have complained about the same. This is the only con in this AC.

Otherwise, there is no problem with the thickness of copper or its compressors.

If we talk about the pros, then the maintenance of this AC is deficient, its electricity consumption is low, and it has low noise levels.

This makes this AC unique within this budget. Links are given in the description box.

Make sure you buy the 2021 model of LG AC from the offline market. The 2020 model of LG AC has the same model

number, but the 2021 model is better than the 2020 model. If you liked this article, then do tell me in the comment



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