I have been using iPhone 13 as my primary device for the last week. So in this article, I will be  Apple iPhone 13 Review.

let’s see the user review of my iPhone 13 – camera, battery, and performance

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First, Let’s discuss design. There are two significant changes in the structure.

Apple iPhone 13 Review
Apple iPhone 13


Apple iPhone 13 Review
Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 Review

Changes from an earlier version

Firstly, a notch in the front is reduced to 20 % in size.

Even though it is changed, there is no option to keep the battery indicator at the top.

Secondly, the most significant change is the camera alignment.

In iPhone 12, the camera alignment is straight. Here it is diagonal because they have given a bigger sensor in iPhone 13

Also, they had given sensor-shift stabilization in iPhone 13, which was earlier given in iPhone 12 pro max only.

This makes the video taken by iPhone 13 more stabilized.

Before going in-depth about the Camera, let’s talk about other changes from last year.

The alignments of the side buttons are changed.

iPhone 13 weight has been slightly increased when compared to iPhone 12

As the notch size has been reduced, the phone display looks broader.

As I am switching over from iPhone 11 to iPhone 13, iPhone 13 is less in weight when compared with iPhone 11

Mainly we need to talk about the display.

This time the brightness of the display is 800 NITS, the same as the previous iPhone 12 pro series, So the display brightness is higher.

The difference in brightness is well noticed when compared to iPhone 12

This brightness is highly helpful in outdoor sunlight conditions.

Apple had given a ceramic shield, so the front glass is more robust.

The iPhone 13 is so good an OLED display; the show looks stunning.

Let’s see now about the speaker. The sound from iPhone 13 is louder. hear it yourself

This time the attention given to the Camera is excellent; iPhone 13 camera has been improved much better than iPhone 12 camera.

The main reason for the improvement is they had provided cinematic mode in iPhone 13

The two new cameras have new sensors; these sensors are more significant, which will help in night mode.

The new cinematic mode is like a portrait video.

The iPhone 13 artificially blurs the background, and the video comes out so good.

Usually, this kind of blur comes only in professional cameras. But iPhone 13 does it superbly; We can also edit the focus and blur after the video is taken.

The next main thing is photographic styles. These are not filters. There are five styles.

Standard, Vibrant, Rich Contrast, Warm and Cool are the 5 Styles

Choose Vibrant to make photos bright and vivid. Rich Contrast for darker shadows and deeper colors. Warm or Cool to accentuate golden or blue undertones.

All these 5 Styles are so good to look at.

The front Camera has no change; Only the position is changed as the notch size is reduced.

But the cinematic mode is also when you take video with the front Camera. Maybe Next Year, we may expect a major change.

The base storage of this iPhone 13 is changed to 128 GB, and it is priced at 80K.

Last Year, iPhone 12 128 GB was placed at 85K, So iPhone 13 is 5K less than last Year’s iPhone 12 price.

There are five colors for this iPhone 13. Red, Starlight, Pink, Midnight(Black), and Blue.

The iPhone 13 we have is starlight. The new color Pink also looks stunning.

Now Let’s talk about the battery. iPhone 12 stands 2 hours more than iPhone 11. Apple says iPhone 13 will stand 2.5 hours more than iPhone 12.

After using this for a week, I can confirm iPhone 13 stands 2.5 hours more than iPhone 12

Also, the 20 watts will charge iPhone 13 0 to 50 in 30 minutes. So the battery stays easily for a full day.

iPhone 13 has the best battery in the iPhones I have used. So if you get iPhone 13, you will get a perfect battery iPhone.

iPhone 13 has an A15 Bionic chipset. This is the fastest chipset.

Apple has given one GPU Coreless over the pro-Series iPhone for the first time.

Maybe this is because of the 120 Hz display in the pro series, which might need an extra GPU core.

iPhone 13 with A15 bionic along with ios 15 makes this iPhone so smooth and fast. It handles all the apps easily.

Without a 120 Hz display, I can feel this iPhone 13 is smooth. I also noticed extra smoothness than iPhone 11.

If you are coming from a 90 Hz android phone and wanted that 120 Hz display consider iPhone 13 pro series.

iPhone 13 handles PUBG and video editing tasks easily.

If you have been using Apple devices for sometimes then you may not feel the extra performance in day-to-day usage.

Now finally, let’s talk about pricing.

iPhone 13 starts at 80k, and iPhone 12 128 GB is at 71k.


So if you can want a perfect battery, better Camera, extra performance for the long run, and extra display brightness, you can spend that 9k different and get iPhone 13.

If you are about to get iPhone 12 128 GB at 50 to 60 k in Flipkart or Amazon, go for iPhone 12 and save the extra money.

But if you want to buy iPhone 12 at 71 k in an Apple store, consider spending the extra 9 k and get iPhone 13, and it will be worth it.

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