In this article, I will be reviewing Acer Aspire 7 Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 5500U laptop.

While doing the unboxing, you will realize that ACER does a lot of branding on the packed box. On all faces of the box, you can find ACER branding. Once you unbox you will get the following:

Acer Aspire 7 | Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 5500U

  • You will get a 135-watt adapter.
  • Power chord
  • Laptop packed in an unusual tray.
  • Manual related to the product.
  • The look of the computer is simple and minimalistic.
  • It resembles its predecessor of the 2020 and 2019 models as it’s of the same series.

Now, let’s go through the specifications of Acer Aspire 7 | Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 5500U

  • RYZEN 5 5500 U.
  • 8GB RAM 3200 MHZ
  • 512 GB SSD.

My readers often ask me the difference between H and U processers. Let me make you understand this easily.

H processor denotes high-performance processor for mobile means to give a desktop-level performance in the LaptopLaptop they put H processor in it.

U-level processors are mobile power-efficient means a little less in TDP.

Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 5500U
Acer Aspire 7 | Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 5500U

The maximum power for the U series is 25-30 watts, and for the H series, it is 45-55 watts.

On this LaptopLaptop, you will get RYZEN 5500 U GTX with the following features:

  • Six cores 12 thread 
  • Base clock 2.1 GHz
  •  Boost Clock 4.0 GHz 
  • 7NM Base processor
  • Default TDP 15 Watt
  • Minimum TDP 10 watt
  • Maximum TDP 25 watt

Whether you should go for RYZEN 4600H or RYZEN 5500U, I will let you know in this article only.

Now let’s talk about the build quality.

  • The complete build quality is of plastics.
  • What is fantastic about ACER is the ability to open at 180 degrees. Although there is no specific benefit of this, it looks premium.
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  • You will get a full-size keyboard that includes a numb Pad. 
  • Because the full-size keypad size is small, it looks OK to me if you ask me about key size measures.
  • On the left side, you will get the branding of RYZEN and NVIDIA.
  • On the right side, you will get the branding of ACER ASPIRE 7, which includes features like a Narrow Bezel, FHD IPS display, Backlit Keyboard, Ultrafast wireless speed, HDMI port.
  • You will get a combo of wifi six and Bluetooth 5, which is expected in the series of Acer 7 laptops.
  • You will get the same 720 P webcam.
  • You will also get a single-color keyboard backlit. It is a simple white color that looks like standard in-room lighting.
  • The display is 15.6 inches FHD with anti-glare. 
  • You will get a panel of 60HZ in this.
  • You will get 45% NTSE with 250 NITS brightness.

Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 5500U




Now let’s talk about the ports in this LaptopLaptop.

  • When you start from the left side, you will first see Kensington locks, which help lock your computer to avoid theft.
  • After this, we have RJ 45 land port.
  • One HDMI port.
  • Type C 3.0 
  • 2 USB 3.0 port
  • On the right side, we will get an earphone jack.
  • One more USB 2.0 port
  • One power input port.
  • And air exhaust.

No micro sd card, and if you look below, you will get complete ventilation which helps in improving the overall quality of the laptops.

Battery backup is decent, with a total time of 4 to 4 and a half hours.

Since it is a U series processor, it will consume less power than the H series, providing better battery performance.

If you talk about speaker output, it seems average to me. It’s not loud enough. Overall if you look at the pricing, it seems OK. 

Now let’s talk about performance. To check the interpretation, we have to use the CINEBENCH R23 version. 

  1. We have got 7856 pts in the Multi-core test.
  2. And we have got 1176 pts in a single-core test.

This is exceptionally better performance in its category. It has beaten even i5 10th generation.

If you are looking for a good productivity laptop at affordable pricing, this should be a must-buy option for you;

 For example, if you want to do video editing, coding, or any regular day-to-day job on LaptopLaptop, this should be the ideal choice for you.

If you compare it with RYZEN 5 4600 H CINEBENCH R23 test, it has given 8600 to 8900 points in multi-core, and for single-core, it is between 1100-1200 pts. 

Still, RYZEN 5 4600 H is better as it is an H series processor; 

  • It can be boosted up to 50TDP, whereas the U series can provide a maximum boost up to 25 TDP; although the boost clock of both the processors is identical, you can see the difference in performance. 

Now let’s talk about the hardware slot, you will get 1 SSD slot and 2 RAM slots, and you can upgrade RAM to a maximum of 32 GB.

Now, as far as I know, we can upgrade RAM to a max of 2 TB.

Still, one of the disadvantages of this laptop is that there is only one slot, so if you have to upgrade it, you need to remove and then replace it with a new one.

You can also use an external HDD drive, save all the games, connect it with a USB 3.0 port, and play as usual. 


As far as performance is considered it is one of the best in its price category. Even with a 5500 U processor, we can play games smoothly on this LaptopLaptop. The maximum temperature while games reach 80 degrees because it’s a U series process with 7 nanometers. Hence, it remains cool, But still, even after playing so many games, it stays cool enough to speak about performance. 

Other than that, its simple, minimalistic looks give added advantage as even it can be used by professionals and college-goers as no one will be to say that it’s a gaming laptop. The dual fan option with better thermal features makes it a must-buy Laptop for one; one disadvantage that I can gauge is that it doesn’t have an upgrade option in HDD. 

Finally, I will recommend it as a value-for-money laptop. 

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